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      Those who are interested in sękacz history will encounter many different resources. Some will tell you about Italian Queen Bona Sforza of Poland and her admiration of this royal cake which she ordered to be prepared for her son's wedding reception. Others will bring up the story of the Baltic tribe of Yotvingians who gave away the recipe and tradition of baking to the Poles. Finally, you may hear that it was Germans who brought their dessert to this area. For me the sękacz story begins in 1980 when the paths of my parents' lives crossed under the warm Mazurian sky. Nobody then thought that fate will join them not only because of the passionate feeling they felt for each other but also for the love of cooking they discovered together. So it was not the local legends but the moments of cakes baking, lovely confiture making, apple slices drying and collecting fresh honey that stayed in my memory of a child with their aromas and flavours – and they were to become my professional inspiration. At that time I did not realize that my roots will return to me when I start to live my adult, mature life. However, a lot was to happen first...

In 1989 – their own new house and its atmosphere gave my parents a possibility of new challenges in developing their passions and making their confectionary dreams come true. And at that moment our house began to smell with the traditional sękacz. We become witnesses of the very first turn of the rotating spit and everything necessary for the batter we are offered by the Mazurian nature: fresh eggs, perfect flour, aromatic butter. We observed how the specific rings of our sękacz were created right in front of our eyes. It was the sękacz in which the soul of Masuria and my parents’ love were concealed.

Time passed and I set off on my journey completely unaware of the power which one day was to bring me back. Then I could not know what meaning the aromas of my family home would have for my life. My professional decisions tied me with bakeries around the world. Italy, France, Germany, Greece – their coffee shops and taverns, flavours of Near East and above all every culinary spot in Poland made me realize that I learn the world savouring it. It appeared to me that there is no place where food tastes like at my parents’ Mazurian kitchen. And suddenly it was like epiphany – my parents equipped me with roots which reminded what really matters and with wings which gave the strength to achieve anything.

Life – once again – made a circle, I returned to flavours and aromas of my childhood’s kitchen. In 2006 I established my own firm in which I engage the potential of our whole family. My mother’s energy and hard work, my father’s patience and piece, my brother’s creativity and artistic sensitivity, my sister’s practical and rational mind, my managerial experience and most of all passion, faith in success, warm-hearted support of our friends that unite us around one shared aim. We come to you with the fruit of our dreams – the Gryniewiczes’ sękacz – so everyone of you – just like the queen Bona Sforza of Poland – will have an opportunity to decorate your table with the good created in the complete nearness of nature, with the good that has its roots in our family’s tradition. Its sękacz created with affection of many hearts involved in this work, made of the best carefully chosen products. Let the smell and taste of this royal cake enchant you just as it happened to me.

I cordially invite you to taste. Bon appétite!




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